November Anthology Release! Holiday HiJinks times 3!

Dec. 4, 2021 Update: Whimsical Winter Wonderland is now available as an eBook. Please forgive the slight delay in its publication and enjoy reading many of these tales for yourself or to your children.

Christmas Stockings and Penguin with 3 anthology titles
A stocking for each book!

Just in time for the holidays, Camden Park Press is releasing: Crazy Christmas Capers, Happy Holiday Historicals, and Whimsical Winter Wonderland. Release date is 11/23/2021 for these three family-friendly anthologies. Descriptions are at Purchase links will be made available as soon as we know them.

“The Pixie Path Home” (my story) is in Whimsical Winter Wonderland. Two youngsters, Chloe and Paul,  go into the woods to fetch a Christmas tree, but they get lost. Does their encounter with a pixie, then two, spoil their surprise for mother? 

This will be my 12th published short story

Books make a wonderful gift. Even better is a book full of short stories that are sure to delight young and old, whether you are being read to or doing the reading.

Note: I’ll be traveling/visiting during November and weekly posts may be more sporadic. Until the next post, Happy Reading.