Short Stories: The Thrill of the Moment (video panel)

Update 8/21/21/: Google removed access to the video on my original. Something triggered its algorithm to pounce. I’ve set it up on my new YouTube author site.

What do you do when your conference panel is cancelled, along with the conference? If you’ve put the time and preparation into the panel that M. A. Monnin and her panel did for Bouchercon, you get on Zoom and do the panel (with Bouchercon’s permission to use the same panel title).

Large open book against a serene landscape
Short Stories: The Thrill of the Moment

We hope you’ll enjoy what we all had to say about writing short stories and will pass the link along to others who may be interested in meeting the 5 authors and moderator (also an author).

Link for video:

On YouTube as: CAM Writes Mysteries & More:

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  1. Kim Keeline

    I had a great time participating in this with you! And I enjoyed “meeting” you.

    1. Claire

      Same here, Kim. Too bad we couldn’t do it in person. Maybe another year, another conference.

  2. M. A. Monnin

    It was a lot of fun! What a great panel.

    1. Claire

      Indeed, Mary, it was fun. Another time, though, I hope we get to do one in person.

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