“Nanoni and shis-Ka-toomi” – Honorable Mention

I’ve known for about a month that “Nanoni and shish-Ka-toomi” won Honorable Mention in the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable 2021 Short Story Contest. I’ve been waiting for the official announcement, which came out yesterday on their website.

My congratulations to Trey Dowell and R. L. Blake for their respective 1st and 2nd place honors. I look forward to reading those when the anthology, An Element of Mystery, is published. Meanwhile, I await word on whether my story will be published in an upcoming issue of the BWR.

Honorable Mention
“Nanoni and shish-Ka-toomi” – Honorable Mention

Although “Nanoni and shish-Ka-toomi” contains an element of mystery–a submission requirement–it is more of a fable and I’m certain very different from most of the other submissions. That’s another reason for my joy at it earning recognition. As one of several fables and myths I wrote during last November’s NaNoWriMo challenge, it isn’t the usual mystery story.

The story? An indigenous young girl lets her curiosity lead her to ignore tribal elders’ warnings and go in search of the fearsome Greoli. What happens when she encounters one? Well, I’ll leave you in suspense until I announce that the story will appear somewhere–soon, I hope!

Until next week, happy reading.

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  1. Jeanne

    Congratulations on the Honorable Mention! Hope to see it in print soon.

    1. Clamo88

      Thanks, Jeanne. That’s my hope and goal, also.

  2. Erynn+Crowley

    Congratulations, Claire!

    1. Claire

      Thank you, Erynn. Happy to see you on my blog. When you get published, ask me to interview you!

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