Interlude 2: In Memoriam

This week’s anthology interview is not an interview. Sadly, author Paul D. Marks passed away on February 28, 2021, after several months of treatment for an illness he couldn’t beat.

There’s no photo, since I don’t have his permission. But his face will be familiar to many. It’s all over the Internet . . . on his Facebook personal and author pages, Wikipedia, his website, and more.

Here’s the review of Paul’s story, “Can’t Find My Way Home,” in Peace, Love, and Crime, as posted on King’s River Life.

In “Can’t Find My Way Home,” from Paul D. Marks, our narrator’s journey moves through time, with a different song framing a different year in the narrator’s life. The title song, from Blind Faith in 1969, is the perfect overarching theme for this sad story of youth, love, trust, betrayal, and vindication.

Claire A. Murray, review of Peace, Love, and Crime on King’s River Life

Paul’s prolific writing career as a novelist and short story writer, with anthology editing credits as well, are supported by a long list of awards and distinctions. I’ll let those speak for him, through the links below where you can learn more about the man and his art.

Paul D. Marks

Website Bio:



Facebook Author Page:

Paul’s article, “An Attitude of Gratitude” on the Criminal Minds blog

About Paul on Down & Out Books:

It’s always sad to say a final goodbye to someone, even when you’ve not met them but have experienced something they’ve left behind. It is fitting, then, that Paul left so much behind that speaks to us and that one of his final published works is “Can’t Find My Way Home.”

Paul has gone home.

If you knew Paul or experienced his works, please leave a comment below.

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Title, Jukebox with bloody handprint and bullet holes
Short story anthology includes, “Spirit in the Sky”

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  1. Josh Pachter

    Paul was a great writer and a great friend. His passing is a terrible blow to all who knew him … and to many who knew of him and enjoyed his work.

    1. Claire

      Thank you, Josh. I certainly wish I had known him.

  2. Terrie Farley Moran

    A man of talent who always offered a nice comment or a helping hand to other writers. Paul Marks will be missed, especially on the Short Mystery Fiction Society message board.

    1. Claire

      True, Terrie.

  3. Amy Marks

    Claire, thank you for writing this lovely piece about Paul. He was very proud to be a contributor to the Peace, Love, and Crime anthology. He loved the music of the sixties so it was a joy for him to write a story based on Can’t Find My Way Home. He became ill right before the book was released and was never able to really promote the book and support the authors in the anthology the way he would have liked to.

    1. Claire

      Thank you, Amy. My heart goes out to you at such a tough time. Mark’s words will live on, a treasure you read and reread, but having him in your heart will be the best treasure.

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