“Lucky Seven” Dec 15th Release

Available for pre-order now for its December 15th release, Portraits of the Pen: A Collection of Short Stories, includes my 8th short story publication, “Lucky Seven,” which won 3rd place in the City Limits Publishing short story contest.

This follows on the heels of “Spirit in the Sky,” in Peace, Love, and Crime: Crime Stories Inspired by the Songs of the ’60s, released on November 10th. I hadn’t expect two releases in successive months but am pleased to close 2020 with these two new publications.

What’s Next?

Each week I bring you thoughts about writing, what I gain from it, and what’s new with my status. Some posts are a bit of nostalgia, others more practical in nature. I’ve even listened to your advice about the tag line for my site. As I build my portfolio, I’ll introduce more topics I hope interest you and attract new readers.

Look for posts in January (perhaps earlier) related to the project I’m working on with other authors to share their inspiration behind the stories in one of these anthologies.

A Book Is A Lasting Gift . . .

Need a gift idea? An anthology is a great gift. Take a peek at the covers of my major short stories to date (and one recipe book inclusion) and read the descriptions that follow.

Lucky Seven” is set in the early days of Nevada gambling, post prohibition. How does a Nebraska farm girl fare in such an environment? “Spirit in the Sky” is a present-day story that takes us back in time to 1969. Bonds formed in Viet Nam last for 50 years and change the lives of three soldiers. “Chains” is about a contemporary beat cop who tries to save the life of an abused woman and they both land in danger. If there’s a cook on your gift list, “We’d Rather Be Writing” has easy, time-saving recipes from 88 authors. Be sure to check out my black bean and brown rice dish.

Gift your family or friends with hours of relaxing reading as they solve with the sleuths and the crimes and mystery stay on the page.