Getting Psyched for Thanksgiving

This has been a busy week as I roll into the back half of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). With more than 31,000 words written, I’m right on target to hit 50,000 by the end of November.

Virtual write-ins are very productive. A group gets together on Zoom, chats for 5-10 minutes, writes for 45, chats, writes, then comes together to close. There’s a level of camaraderie and accountability in these sessions that gets us going.

I write less some days because I’m editing, doing administrative tasks, or polishing a short story. These are essential even though they take away from the main piece I’m working on in NaNo—expanding a short story into a novella and writing the myths and legends that support my fantasy trilogy.

In addition to the latest anthology I’m in (released 10 days ago), I submitted a story elsewhere and received a contract for a different anthology that will include my winning short piece “Lucky Seven.” That should come out in December or January.

All in all, it’s been a good month and seems as if next week’s Thanksgiving celebration is coming at the right time.

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  1. Susan

    Love all this good news!

    1. Claire

      Thank you, Susan. I hope you have many reasons to celebrate something positive in your life as well.

  2. Nancy H

    Thanks Claire for keeping us abreast of your progress. Your goals and sticking to them inspire me.
    Check out my FB post/picture of us 9 years ago. We have not changed.
    Happy Turkey Day.

    1. Claire

      Yes, Nancy, goals are so important. Like you, I had a different vision of myself and have worked to make it come true. I think we are each living our true lives now.

      It’s also helpful that I’m part of the mystery writers community where people truly are a community. We work with and support each other, help newer writers along, and enjoy being with each other–even when it has to be virtual.

      I had run across that photo the other day, also, and am glad you posted it. I miss getting together for First Thursdays. Next time I’m in New England, I’ll let you know in advance so we can get together. I’m sure by that time we’ll be able to sit and have a drink together, as I’m not planning for such until next November.

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