A Story Call, A Mural, and a Song

The call was for a crime story revolving around a song from the ’60s. There were so many from which to choose. What inspired me to select “Spirit in the Sky” and give my story the same name?

While searching for a song to wrap around a story, I read an article that the arts community in Malden, MA, was dedicating a mural to composer/singer Norman Greenbaum. Greenbaum was born and raised there. Malden was my home for 18 years and workplace for 25. Better yet, the mural would be painted on the back of a building where I’d once worked.

I had my song.

Spirit in the Sky mural
Mural tribute to Norman Greenbaum’s 1969 hit song, Spirit in the Sky

With the song firmly in mind, and through dozens of replays while I wrote, “Spirit in the Sky” guided my story as it guided the 3 characters whose friendship was forged as soldiers in Viet Nam and lasted through the next fifty years. What crimes are involved? How is the song a crucial element of the story?

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Read the full story behind the mural. Listen to the song on YouTube.

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    Lovely story Claire. Congratulations. Stay well.

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