CAM-Writes: Where Character, Crime, and Mystery Collide

[Author Note: 10/11/2020 – I received feedback from others on a writer’s listserv who all said, as did Roxanne in the comments, that the singular tag line was the better. I changed the title of the blog post to reflect my new/improved tag line: Where Character, Crime, and Mystery Collide.]

I have been futilely trying to add the RSS feed for this site to my Goodreads author page, but Goodreads isn’t having it—at least not today. While working on it, Googling for help, and sorting out whether the problem is on my end or theirs (it’s on their end), I came up with the tag line above. It’s a variation on what I originally had and I like this better.

My final question question to resolve is whether it should be singular or plural. Which sounds better to you?

1. CAM-Writes: Where character, crime, and mystery collide?
2. CAM-Writes: Where characters, crimes, and mysteries collide?

I had planned to create a poll on my Facebook author page, so you could vote on which you like best. Alas, Facebook only lets you create polls in a “story.” I truly hate the story feature in FB. I’ll have add a poll widget to this blog

For now, you can let me know in the comments to this post. I’ll get back to you with the results and my selection. Then I have to figure out how to get the website theme to display it!

Use the comment feature to tell me which tag line you prefer, No 1. or No 2.

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  1. Roxanne Reddington-Wilde

    After reading both titles aloud several times for scansion, alliteration and feel— I think “singular” sounds best. Yes, it’s a tight call… but the singular is punchier.

    1. Clamo88

      Thank you, Roxie. I do think the key is to read it aloud, and I am aiming for punch.

      1. Clamo88

        The verdict is in, as you can see from this morning’s edit. The first selection (singular) is the winner. And I like it!

  2. Kaye George

    Yes, #1. The shorter the better.

    1. Clamo88

      Thank you, Kaye. It’s nice to have friends to count on for help.

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