Steady There, I’m Just Getting Started

My site is pretty skimpy today as this is my 2nd post. There isn’t a lot to see yet, but I decided to put it “out there” for the everyone to see and add to it incrementally.

What’s to come? A page for my short stories is primary. Then perhaps one for my doodles and drawings. The doodle below is the result of a week-long all agency summit in Chicago several years back. I always bring a packet of color pens and highlighters to meetings and event or conference name tags are my doodle pad.

Doodles on name tag

Blog posts, of course, although I have no regular schedule determined. Weekly sounds about right to keep things fresh. I’ll cull some of my Facebook posts for topics I’ve put there, expand on them here, and ask you questions that I hope you’ll answer in the comments. Over time, I expect to invite guest bloggers discuss their works . . . Who or what inspires them to write? . . . Favorite authors . . . Writing hints, tips, and reveals . . .

Most of all, I hope to see you, readers and writers, here and engage in conversation.