Doodles and Line Drawings

I doodle, especially during meetings, workshops, and conferences. My name badges are generally quite colorful by the end of an event. What I draw is mostly landscapes. I’m not good a people, animals, and other figures like that.

I’ll post a few and add to the collection over time.

First image is my name tag from a work meeting in 2015 or 2016. Beside it is a scene drawn during one of the sessions that week, on a scrap of paper slightly smaller than the name tag. I seem to do best in small scope.

The 3rd image was drawn in pastels and sat for months. Recently (4th image), I darkened some of the colors, not using pastels, to highlight the flora. My scanner did a better job of capturing it than my phone, thus the final photo is much lighter. You can see the shed in the background much more clearly.

My first “decent” line drawing was much earlier, in 1980. I was experimenting with control over where my hand would go on the page. I decided a variation of pointillism, using small and sometimes tiny lines that may or may not always connect, would help me create a better gestalt. I’ve reposted that drawing, which is on my welcome page, below.